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Port Lincoln YHA

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Customer reviews of Port Lincoln YHA

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Reviews (2158 guests have reviewed this hostel)
Debi is just the most attentive person and showed us all the nice places to visit and help to book them. This was the cleanest and quietest hostel I’ve ever seen. Location was great, would definitely recommend me and go back. :)
Fabiola G 01/03/2021
Really a blend between a hotel and hostel because the facilities were of such high standard. Thoroughly enjoyed our stay and would recommend. We have no negative feedback for YHA! Thanks!
Gabbie B 24/02/2021
The best hostel I've ever stayed in. Cleaner than 99% of hotels and motels, so I would DEFINITELY stay here again. Debi and her husband were super helpful giving advice/info about the local area and what to do. As a solo female traveler, I always felt safe and definitely wish other hostels were run this well.
Christina L 23/02/2021
Awesome place highly recommended. 5 stars.
Sean M 22/02/2021
Debi and Robert are wonderful, friendly and can not do enough for you. Debi's knowledge of the area is exceptional. Booked my seal swimming tour. Made sure i left on time.The facility is spotless, bright and lots of room. My room was clean and fresh had all i needed. It was a pleasure to stay here . THANK YOU!!
Linda W 22/02/2021
One of the nicest YHAs I’ve stayed in. The couple that run the hostel went out of their way to make me feel welcome and gave lots of tips and advice of things to do/places to eat. Super clean and lots of areas to relax in. Only 10 minute walk into town. Would definitely stay here again and recommend to anyone coming to Port Lincoln.
Emily L 18/02/2021
The cleanest hostel I have ever seen, organized and the staff are just wonderful. Highly recommend!
Donna L 05/02/2021
This hostel is in a good location with good facilities. The only issue I had with it was with the lady who runs it. She was constantly picking on very small things guests do I.e not pushing a chair in, or cleaning things to her standard (even though they had been cleaned), or not closing a door correctly etc. It felt like she was constantly picking on you and treating you not like a guest but instead like a child, which considering I was a paying guest was not great.
Emily W 29/01/2021
Extremely clean and well maintained hostel with very friendly and eager to help owners. Loved the Port Lincoln themed decor along with the vast array of "things to do" brochures presented for the guests. Would definitely stay again on the next visit.
Nigel S 26/01/2021
Ultra clean & tidy hostel with modern amenities. Deb & Rob, the owners are friendly people who go out of there way to assist. Very comfortable safe and secure. My second stay here and I highly recommend this hostel. I doubt that I have stayed in a cleaner and more organised hostel than this one! Conveniently located next to The Beer Garden for great brews and wood-oven pizzas. Within walking distance to the town and beach. (Also great to see that Deb has Rob under control.) :>)
Eric H 25/01/2021

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